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The foundation to our offering is Salesforce CRM. Manage your CRM, marketing, sales pipeline and more – all under the one digital roof with our property-specific implementation.

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We specialise in Salesforce CRM implementation, integration & support.

The power of Salesforce CRM is endless! Allow Salesforce CRM to become the single source of truth for all your customer data. Then, layer the Prosper solutions to add value and drive leads!

Here are some of the possibilities a Prosper Salesforce CRM implementation could provide:

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Lead Capture & Attribution

Seamlessly deliver leads into your Salesforce instantaneously.

Capture Leads

Salesforce became the world’s biggest CRM for a reason: it’s incredibly good at capturing, nurturing and converting leads. We just tweaked the platform towards property, adding extra analytics, unique customer data, automated marketing pathways and a bunch of other stuff.

Think of your CRM as the engine room. It needs to be running smoothly, humming along on clean data, turning leads into opportunities, and opportunities into sales.

Single source of truth

Property Prosper pulls all your customer data into one place. There’s no double up of information. No corrupt data or empty input fields. Every lead is tracked, attributed and synched into your marketing plan.

Nurture beats nature

A lead on its own isn’t worth much. It needs to be nurtured. Our CRM has closed loop reporting, multi-touch campaign attribution, progressive audience profiling and the raw power of Salesforce Pardot.

Out of the box

Unlike other property CRM solutions, we haven’t tried to re-invent the wheel here. We like to use Salesforce objects as much as possible, which makes integration and migration a zillion times easier.

Lead capture

Sales Pipeline Management

See the interactions both your Marketing and Sales teams are having with your leads and purchasers from conception through to settlement.

Track Sales

Sales and marketing are really two sides of the same coin. Which is why it pays to have your marketing and sales all synched into the one system. The data tends to flows both ways: sales help refine your marketing strategy, and targeted marketing leads to more sales. Everyone’s happy.

Property Prosper can handle contract management, sales reporting, customer info and lead management, all in the one system.

Get oversight

Check out the interactions between your customers, marketing and sales, from conception through to settlement. It’s an end-to-end overview of the entire sales pipeline.

Profile leads

Property Prosper lets you break down leads by all sorts of metrics. You can spot warm leads at a glance, and accurately predict settlement risks, long before they pop up.

Accurate reporting

If you love dashboards, you’ll get a kick of out these. We can generate sales reports for lenders and JV’s, keep track of incentives and upgrades, and predict revenue using Salesforce Einstein AI.

Sales pipeline

Project Stocklist Management

Our stocklist Management solution delivers a single source of truth for your project stock configurations, availability and feasibilities.

Manage Stock

This is a common problem. There’s so much project stock data that’s unique to property – a regular Salesforce dashboard doesn’t cut the mustard. So we made something better: one system that tracks all your inventory configurations, availability and feasibility at the same time.

You can load properties, apartments, projects, commission rates, agent details, floorplans, staff and contracts, then plug that data into Australia’s biggest real estate sites.

For property, by property

We’ve spent a long time building this platform. Taking the raw power of Salesforce and Pardot and tweaking them for the property market. This is functionality you won’t get out of the box.

Fast and flexible

Property doesn’t stand still for long (well, figuratively speaking). So we kept things flexible: track your price lists and stock inventory, adapt pricing on the fly, update property configurations and agent details.

Report in real time

It’s the dream of every developer: one quick glance that summarizes the project in real time. Number of sales, number of vacancies, current marketing spend and live listings. All at your fingertips.

Project stokclist

Channel Agent Management

Have a true understanding of the performance your channel agent network and the real cost of doing business with them.

Handle Agents

There’s a lot to keep track of when it comes to channel agents: contracts and commissions, stock allocations, simply storing all the relevant agent info, headshots and phone numbers. And we haven’t even gotten around to incentives yet…

Yep, there’s a lot to keep track of. And most CRMs won’t have any idea what you’re talking about. But that’s only because they weren’t built with the property sector in mind.

Enter the portal

Using Heroku, we can quickly set-up your agent portal. There’s no need to go to third parties anymore. You can load brochures, stock allocation and contact details, then synch everything with Salesforce CRM.

Predict the future

Commission forecasting and automation is a big part of channel agent management. Property Prosper makes it easy, with purpose-built dashboards, stock allocations and reporting tools.

Proof of concept

Want to know which agents are selling well? How about which agency gives best value for marketing spend? Need to track incentives on the go? No worries. You can do all that and still have time for lunch.

Marketing automation

The figures speak for themselves.


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