Sales Pipeline Management

Sales Pipeline Management

See the interactions both your Marketing and Sales teams are having with your leads and purchasers from conception through to settlement.

Track Sales

Sales and marketing are really two sides of the same coin. Which is why it pays to have your marketing and sales all synched into the one system. The data tends to flows both ways: sales help refine your marketing strategy, and targeted marketing leads to more sales. Everyone’s happy.

Property Prosper can handle contract management, sales reporting, customer info and lead management, all in the one system.

Get oversight

Check out the interactions between your customers, marketing and sales, from conception through to settlement. It’s an end-to-end overview of the entire sales pipeline.

Profile leads

Property Prosper lets you break down leads by all sorts of metrics. You can spot warm leads at a glance, and accurately predict settlement risks, long before they pop up.

Accurate reporting

If you love dashboards, you’ll get a kick of out these. We can generate sales reports for lenders and JV’s, keep track of incentives and upgrades, and predict revenue using Salesforce Einstein AI.