Project Stocklist Management

Project Stocklist Management

Our stocklist Management solution delivers a single source of truth for your project stock configurations, availability and feasibilities.

Manage Stock

This is a common problem. There’s so much project stock data that’s unique to property – a regular Salesforce dashboard doesn’t cut the mustard. So we made something better: one system that tracks all your inventory configurations, availability and feasibility at the same time.

You can load properties, apartments, projects, commission rates, agent details, floorplans, staff and contracts, then plug that data into Australia’s biggest real estate sites.

For property, by property

We’ve spent a long time building this platform. Taking the raw power of Salesforce and Pardot and tweaking them for the property market. This is functionality you won’t get out of the box.

Fast and flexible

Property doesn’t stand still for long (well, figuratively speaking). So we kept things flexible: track your price lists and stock inventory, adapt pricing on the fly, update property configurations and agent details.

Report in real time

It’s the dream of every developer: one quick glance that summarizes the project in real time. Number of sales, number of vacancies, current marketing spend and live listings. All at your fingertips.