Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Reduce the points of friction for the customer by having a single source of truth between your Sales & Marketing within your CRM.

Automate Marketing

Good marketing comes down to good data and smooth automation. If you’re still sending EDMs by hand, if your sales loop is flapping wide open, if you’re hemorrhaging leads all over the place, you need Salesforce Pardot. Stat.

We can help get you started: segmenting customer data, creating automated nurture campaigns, building landing pages, and crunching some serious analytics. The more you know, the better you’ll be.

Know thy customer

You can never know too much about your customers. We can break down your demographics, provide key learnings, segment your audience, then serve them dynamic content, based on their interests.

Start the journey

Customer journey mapping can be a pain, but Salesforce Pardot definitely helps. Quickly build nurture campaigns and automated marketing pathways, EDM templates, and even simple landing pages.

Enter the portal

Property Prosper can also help you set up agent and client portals, synched to your CRM. You can easily load brochures and inventory, update stock on the fly, and even automate contract triggers.