Lead Capture & Attribution

Lead Capture & Attribution

Seamlessly deliver leads into your Salesforce instantaneously.

Capture Leads

Salesforce became the world’s biggest CRM for a reason: it’s incredibly good at capturing, nurturing and converting leads. We just tweaked the platform towards property, adding extra analytics, unique customer data, automated marketing pathways and a bunch of other stuff.

Think of your CRM as the engine room. It needs to be running smoothly, humming along on clean data, turning leads into opportunities, and opportunities into sales.

Single source of truth

Property Prosper pulls all your customer data into one place. There’s no double up of information. No corrupt data or empty input fields. Every lead is tracked, attributed and synched into your marketing plan.

Nurture beats nature

A lead on its own isn’t worth much. It needs to be nurtured. Our CRM has closed loop reporting, multi-touch campaign attribution, progressive audience profiling and the raw power of Salesforce Pardot.

Out of the box

Unlike other property CRM solutions, we haven’t tried to re-invent the wheel here. We like to use Salesforce objects as much as possible, which makes integration and migration a zillion times easier.